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skill games

Skill is a collective term for computer role-playing games. Examples of skills: Attack, Defense (defense), Healing (heal yourself or allies), Fishing (fish), Hunting (hunting), Mining (mining of raw materials), Cooking (cooking), Woodcutting (wood chopping), Firemaking (woodcutting), Magic (spells)

In other video game genres like; first person shooters, the skills used to refer to the skills of the player (or lack thereof).

Flashy gamey skill games listed below.

Four Boxes

Open sails at the golden isles

Wake The Rabbit


Knightmare tower

Save the moon

Arcuz 2 Dungeons

The bee way

Hardventure Into the Duat

Trollface launcher

Spooky House


Raiden x

Humanchop 2

Devils leap

Bunny kill 5

Space gravity

Bio cage

Island survival

Kill the wabbits

Brian blastoff

Vector stunt

Commit 5

Tumble fruit

Wake up the box

Mario hood