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Adobe Flash (formerly known as Macromedia Flash and before FutureSplash) is a computer animation software, originally developed for web videos and web applications (like games and sites). It is widely used to decorate websites and advertisements on websites (called flash banners).

The famous cartoon series Happy Tree Friends is produced by this program and many other websites use Flash. Flash is built like a cartoon. Per unit time determines the developer what the visitor sees. A time unit called a frame. An important unit of time is called a keyframe. They are the ultimate structure of the application or animation.

Holiday Bustle

Shoot em in



Dead Hungry

Magic Cannon

Magma 2

Zomgies 2

Rise of atlantis

Christmas Ride 2

Vector Siege TD

Kingslayer Quest

Voguish singer girl

Christmas Star

Dream boy

Cupcake Empire

Monster trucks 2

Slotcar grand prix

The Gems - Special Edition

Crazy Digger 2


Spy Jet

Sleepy Giftman

Pumpkinhead Jump

Clarences Amazing Day Out

Home sheep home 2