Flashy Gamey


Flashygamey is a website developed for entertainment. We try to fill the website with the most popular games in flash-game world. These are online flash games, meaning that all games can be played directly on the website without installing it on your pc first. We find the popularity and quality of the games very important, therefore we accurately check and preview all games before we add them to our website.

Privacy Statement

Internet offers a lot of possibilities. Via internet you can get in touch with people all over the world, order products and services and receive your personalized information. Flashygamey also offers you personalized services. To give you the best service we sometimes need your input/information. We have set up the following rules as a guarantee for a strict compliance;

  • When Flashygamey wants to register your personal information you always will be informed about this and you can choose if you want to have your personal information registered or not. Although this can result in not being able to use all offered services. On this moment we do not have a register possibility.
  • When the registered personal information is incorrect, Flashygamey will remove this after your request.
  • The registered personal information will not be published to third parties without any of your permission.
  • Downloading from this site is at your own risk. Damage caused by using, downloading, installing and/or dail-in is at your own risk and Flashygamey can not accept liability for any damage.
  • Flashygamey has the right to adapt this privacy statement. Every change will be published on this page.

Game copyright

To minimize the risk that we violate any copyright from the games we added on our website, we took some precautions. Via this page we want to inform our users, or any other person involved;

  • for placing games, permission has been requested and accepted by copyright holders known by Flashygamey.
  • a significant number of games can be placed on internet sites without any constraints. For some games it was impossible to find the copyright holders or it was impossible to get the information via internet due to the common use of the game.
  • some games can be used after keeping some rules in mind. As far as we can judge, Flashygamey works by these rules and constraints.
  • we do not change the source code of the games. References from f.e. creditholders, brand names or references to other sites, stay in their original state.
  • for some games the so called deep linking technique had been used. Here we link the internet address with the original game code. The game code (Flash) will not be copied to the server of Flashygamey. Though we are aware of the fact that deep linking is a questionable subject, Flashygamey is not aware of any prohibition. We are encouraged in our interpretation in this by the fact that many other internet sites use this technique as well.

The law regarding internet development and applications is a changing environment. Therefore the rules of what is done and/or not done is not always clear and will give space for our own interpretation. It is possible that, despite our great accuracy and sincere intentions, a copyright holder finds itself damaged in their rights. In such case we friendly request you to contact us. You can do so by sending us email via support[@]Flashygamey.com. When your objection is reasonable and understanding, the game in question will be removed from Flashygamey. Our experience showed this approach successfully.