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About us

No long waiting time ! No annoying ads ! No superfluous matters!
Flashy gamey is made by Ticweb. This company creates internet concepts. In this case an entertainmant environments on internet for young and old visitors.

With the huge number of flash-game websites on the internet it's hard to distinguish flashygamey.com. We try to distinguish ourselves by creating an simple game environment for visitors. No superfluous matters and selecting most popular flash games on the internet.

On flashy gamey you'll find the best and most popular flash games on internet. Our target is to continuously foresee the website with the most popular games in flash-game world.

Except for the ingame advertisements (ads implemented in games, coming from gamecompanies). We try to minmize advertisements on FlashyGamey.

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Website structure

The most popular flash games appear in the popular category (the 3rd category on the frontpage.) The popularity of the game is based on the reactions, popularity stars and the number a game is played.

We sorted all games in 15 categories: Agility, Strategy, Popular, Girly, Sports, Fight, Multiplayer, Card and casino, Action, Adventure, Race, Mario, Puzzle, Management and Shooting games. Perhaps more categories will come in the future.

An overview of all games can be found in our game sitemap.

For an actual overview of our newest games you can subsribe with the rss feeds

If you have any comment, feedback, or games you like to see on our website. Please contact us.